Dartford Composites Ltd will attend site repair vandalism and repaint in a state of the art anti-graffiti system that offers an excellent finish that repels graffiti attacks. There are two systems available – base and lacquer or an all in one system. Both internal and external surfaces can be treated with equally outstanding results.

Dartford Composites Ltd has worked closely over a considerable period of time with the manufacturer of these products to ensure it achieves the best results available.


As an established municipal supplier to Local Authorities, we are endeavouring to further advance our product portfolio and services through joint initiatives with several local and county Council’s along with several other organisations.

We are working to improve street safety (i.e.reducing trip hazards) and supply industry leading anti-graffiti products.

Our goal? Simple – to support our clients in presenting a much cleaner and brighter city, with London being squarely placed in the worldwide shop window.


From lamp posts to bus shelters, post boxes to utility boxes, on shutters and walls, on bridges and even people’s own homes; it is accepted that graffiti is a serious and perennial problem for our society. However, through the use of our innovative technology, society is now able to fight back.

At Dartford Composites, we are placed at the forefront of the war against this malaise, with our custom made products benefiting substantially from our links with leading suppliers of anti-graffiti coatings and paints from across Europe.

In London alone, we possess over ten years’ experience in supplying solutions to the capital’s transport and media companies. Our products and services play a critical role in helping our clients in their quest to keep their assets clean and presentable.

Implicit to achieving this is our range of protective coatings, which can be found on some of the many buses and trains that service our country’s biggest cities.